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Original Beauty, located on Long Island, appeals to one who is searching for a salon that offers a pristine, tranquil, and zen-like atmosphere. Are you looking for an escape from your busy life? You’ve found it here! Original Beauty is a private salon where every treatment and service provided is designed to unify mental relaxation and holistic hair care. Salihah is a natural hair care specialist who strives to give all clients modern, sophisticated, versatile natural styles. We specialize in chemical-free services, while paying superior attention to healthy hair and scalp. We only use products that deliver results and a happy balance between nature and indulgence.


Original Beauty offers one on one service.

I welcome you to experience the salon of your dreams with:


· One on One Service - You will be the only focus during your service.

· No waiting -YOUR appointment time is YOUR appointment time

· Peaceful, relaxing setting

· NO children running around

· Free WiFi



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