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New Service Announcement

Hello Original Beauties!

I know its been a while since you have heard from me. I am happy to announce that Microlocs services will now be the only service offered at the salon!

What are Microlocs? Microlocs are essentially locs that are smaller than traditional locs. Usually, the size of mature traditional locs are the diameter of a pencil. This means that the size of microlocs can vary from the diameter of a shoelace to the diameter of a drinking straw. The installation can be started with a twist, braid, or interlocking.

Microlocs can also be started on hair with relaxed ends. There is no need to cut off the relaxed ends to start Microlocs! They can be started with just 2 inches of new growth!

There are many benefits to Microlocs. Below are just a few!

Benefits of Locing Your Natural Hair

* Be gorgeous every day.

* Always have a GOOD hair day!

* It’s easy to manage

* Allow your hair to flow and grow without heat or chemicals

* Shorter wash days

* No more detangling

* Great for children

* Your hair stays healthy with proper care

* Your hair grows longer and fuller

* Low maintenance

* Work travel, vacation, gym friendly

* You can still wear your wigs

* Style your locks whatever way you want.

Book your consultation now!


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